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Almost Ready to Fly

Almost Ready to Fly, is the try heart of the drone hobby. ATF drones come in different states, from just a frame to a frame with all the motors and flight computer to nothing but props. ATF takes the biggest investment in time, money and effort. For a basic guide on building your first drone click here, however please be aware that it will take a few attempts to get everything working on the first drone.

Along with the Frame, Flight controller, motors, power distribution build and solder required any mistake can lead to broken components and multiple purchases. I recommend using our site to purchase part as you can get a discount. Also note Almost ready to fly comes with the biggest sense of accomplishment as you will do everything by hand from beginning to end.

If you struggle and cannot finish i recommend maker clubs line NovaLabs. There you can meet friendly helpful people with a passion for creation. While not focused on drones they have classes and do drone flights and races. 

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