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Get a Drone Kit and start flying today!

Welcome to UAV Haven a website created for the Hobbyist interested in building and flying drones/ UAVs. The following is a collection of Drone Specifc News, Components, and the growing community will allow you to go from novice to expert in no time.


When I started in this Hobby I quickly noticed most websites and communities did not cater to beginners and used acronyms heavily (BTF, RTF, ESC and more). Review my Build your first drone guide for a refresher or to learn more.



Below are a few examples of Drone kits which simplify the buying process and reduces the need to worry about compatibility. After gaining some experience with the one or more of the below you should be ready to build an advanced drone.


Check out our 4 part video series on how to build the LHI 220 Quad kit.


Huge selection, search any all name brand

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