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UDI RC Quad Reviw

Welcome to a UAV Haven Drone review.

Today we will review the UDI RC Quadcopter. This QuadCopter is an affordable, easy to control, "ready to fly" beginners drone good for anyone looking to get into drones or UAVs.

UDI RC Quad Part List:

  1. UDI RC Drone Body

  2. Spare props

  3. 2 batteries

  4. USB charger

  5. flash Memory

  6. Transmitor

It comes with an average camera, transmitter, memory stick, and multiple batteries. The package has everything you need to get flying in minutes.

The picture quality while usable is understandably average. I took a few aerial shots and a detail shots from up close to give you a good idea of the type of camera which comes built into the drone.

At less than $60 at most retailers, the UDI RC Quad is a minimal investment with a huge return. The device takes about 3 - 4 minutes of average quality video. Please note taking video and pictures will greatly reduce your flight time from an already low 5 - 8 minutes, luckily the device comes with multiple batteries and a USB charger so you can keep going while in the field.

The below video was taken on a windy day and the drone can be seen swaying while flying. It was rather hard to control in the wind but still usable.

Pros: - less than 60 dollars - prop guards - simple setup and use - Can take pictures and video - function key does automatic flip

Cons: - cheap materials - you will feel it

- very light so easily affected by wind, it drifts hard in the

direction of the wind which makes controlling the device


- The device has a very limited battery life (5 minutes or less

depending on use). if you are taking pictures or recording

video your results will vary.

Bottom Line: The UDI RC Quad is a simple novice level drone to get started with. I would recommend it for anyone starting out with limited to no flight experience. Visit UAV Haven Review for more reviews.

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