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4 Ways Drones Will Change the Game in 2018

For some time now, the drone business has been on the up and up – and with good reason. Drones are one of the most innovative inventions in recent years, and they have been picked up in just about every kind of market. From being used in drop shipping and delivery to being part of security and advertising, the drone business has extended far beyond just being eye-in-the-sky cameras. For both domestic and military purposes, the development of the drone has now safely reached a period of critical mass.

At Flying Robots Maryland Marketing, we provide help for people who want to see the varied and immense power of the drone. To help you out, here are just some ways in which drones are changing the market for 2018.

  • Photography Beware. One of the main reasons that drones are doing so well on the market is because they provide such easy ways for us to take awesome pictures. Once you had to invest in a quality camera and hire a plane for the day to get some badass aerial shots. Now, with a drone, you pay a few hundred bucks and send it up into the sky to do the snapping for you! Photographers should be wary of the changes that drones are going to bring to their profession – or be ready to utilize drones for breathtaking shots.

  • Realtors Rejoice. However, on the other side of the coin, one of the best changes about drones in 2018 is how they are being used in real estate. From panoramic shots of the property to add an extra level of charm and precision to the image through to full-on tours of the building through the drones’ eyes are all become the norm. For realtors, this is going to transform the market and offer something a little different.

  • Drone Delivery. Got a knock at the door? 2018 might be the year it’s a drone flying in front of you. While Amazon and their like don’t expect mass roll-out of drone deliveries just yet, the odd service and system might star utilizing it in a low-key manner in the next year or so.

  • Agricultural Assistance. A huge change that drones are introducing is how farmers are going to work. From fly-by monitoring of their crops to making sure that they can get rid of the need for anything like a plane fly-by, drones will change the market for surveillance of farms and crops for sure. Also, how pesticides and products like that are put onto the crops will change – they can become more precise and specific, ending the scorched-earth desire to just hit every plant and hope for the best.

There’s a lot more to come from the drone industry, but the four above sectors are likely to see their markets transform in 2018 as drone tech becomes more regulated, more available and more affordable.

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