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Learn the Rules Before You Fly

To summary the below provided by the FAA if you plan to get into this hobby, do not fly a drone within 5 miles from an airport, above 400 feet or on private property. If you have any questions or concerns before you take flight, visit the following websites to get additional details on drone operation in your city or state.

Fly for Fun: Fly for work:

Pilot Requirement: No pilot requirement Airman Certificate

Aircraft Requirement: register if above .55 lbs less than 55lbs

Location requirement: 5 miles from airport Class G airspace

Operating Rules: yield to manned devices under 400 feet, day flight

Example applications: Educational/ recreational Aerial photo, roof inspection

Legal or regulatory basis: public law 112-95, sec 336 Title 14, 14 CFR part 107

Unauthorized drone operations around landmarks or disaster areas may violate federal, state or local law even when a Temporary flight Restriction (TFR) is in place. In summary this means know the rules and what you can or cannot do. If you have a question or concern don’t do it and check with the FAA, a 5 minute google search could save you thousands in fines or fees. Don’t become the next CNN report, use common sense.

CNN reported on this issue 2 years ago when a man crashed his drone into the white house and was detained and fined.

FAA website


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