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UAV 102: Motors and more

This is a continuation of UAV 101 and will continue with mounting the motor and more. Click me to read part one of the series.

2. Mounting the Motors

Now onto the motors, the most important part as far as i am concerned. The motors allow the drone to take off and if installed incorrectly will keep your drone grounded. In general there are two types of motors Brushed and Brushless. Watch this short video to get a better understanding on RC motors.

This video by outlines the next steps very clearly.

3. Soldering the ESC

Each motor will require an ESC to control speed and power to the motors. The below video outlines the functionality of an ESC and how to connect them to your UAVs flight computer. will be doing an updated video on this step[ as newer ESCs and components require much less soldering.

This video by painless360 outlines this step very well.

4. Setting up the Power Distribution board

Now comes setting up the power distribution system. This step comes with the most pitfalls as soldering the components will require practice and can lead to purchasing of multiple Power distribution boards. Follow the directions which comes with the board and remember i little bit of solder goes a long way.

We will be producing a video for this component also as newer devices require less or no solder.

This series will continue in UAV 103: put it together

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