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Volocopter! "Everybody Will Fly one of These One Day"

For the last few years, the drone industry has been changing quite rapidly. From what was once just a small novelty toy to fully fledged transport systems, it’s likely that the tech development of the drone will continue at pace. At Flying Robots Marketing, we see all manner of change in the drone business happening all around us, but few options are quite as impressive as the Volocopter.

The comical name aide, this is literally the beginning of a marked transformation in how we transport ourselves around the world. The Volocopter is the fist-ever passenger drone, and is set to make a massive change to the way that we get around the world. While obviously still in its infancy, it’s expected that by the turn of the decade we will be seeing products like the Volocopter flying around the skies of the world with relative freedom!

With a whopping 18 rotors, this piece of kit is already becoming a major hit on the drone market. While it’s not quite the flying car that we all know the drone will one day morph into, it’s a fantastic starting point. Essentially, it’s a drone copter that you can buy at the moment – except this one can fit you inside instead of one of an action figure!

Being developed by Intel at present, the V200 is set to become a bit of a game-changer in the drone market. We fully expect that it will hit the market in a big way, albeit with some likely kinks along the way. Like any new hardware, there is always a reticence to trust it to be safe enough to be used by the public. While the idea of having totally unlicensed pilots flying around the skies sounds a little scary, the Volocopter isn’t quite going to provide that.

A New Change to Drone Tech

Having worked alongside its German development team in CES for two years, Intel was happy to show off their latest and greatest innovation to the rest of the world in America in early January. First known as the E-Volo, it has quickly evolved into something else entirely and has quickly become a poster boy of what we should expect from this rapidly changing and constantly evolving industry.

With a flight time of around half an hour and a distance of 17 miles, we won’t be seeing these at airports anytime soon. However, battery life is already improving rapidly and it won’t be long until we see a transformation in the way that drone tech is used for more than just novelty transport and sky photography.

By the early 2020s, it’s expected to be launched both in Dubai as an air taxi – part of a multi-year partnership – and also to become a major part of the German market, thanks to major investment form Daimler. As time goes on, we fully expect the development of this particular brand of drone aircraft to continue rapid progress right into its launch year. It could just be the beginning of a special change to transport.

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